Friday Beauty – ‘Tis the Season


I really need to figure out the proper setting on my camera so that I can take a decent picture of my own house light display, but in lieu of that – I absolutely have to admit that I ADORE even the tackiest of light displays 🙂 Beyond the music (give me the Grinch soundtrack or Andy Williams singing anything & I’m happy), the smells (yes, I have an artificial tree, but I still love the pine/cinnamon/mulberry scent of the season), it is the lights that warm my heart. I LOVE driving through neighborhoods to see displays. I love organized light displays. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE lights!!

Have a very colorful, sparkly weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Beauty – ‘Tis the Season

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  1. Wow! Are those in southern California? Those are fantastic displays. I’d love to take my 22mo old son and wife to see those if they are.

    Thanks for the wonderful pics. Congrats on your 5 year anniversary of blogging! #props ;]


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