Christmas Day photos

The boyfriend brought his new high quality camera for the day, not only ensuring better photos, but also that he would not be in any 🙂

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After lunch there was a rousing round of Payday played between my mom, SportsBoy and I. No film evidence though since our intrepid photographer had slipped upstairs for a nap!

So, the phone – which I got for the grand total of – FREE! – I had to sneak into his bedroom at 6:30am to get his old phone which was charging. He did open his eyes and “see” me but clearly he was not awake as he rolled right back over and he says he has no memory of seeing me. I took the SIM card out and plugged it back in. I figured he would notice once he woke up to come downstairs that his phone was not working – after all, the screen said on it “NO SIM CARD!” But….well…he’s 14 and not particularly observant so…he brought the now useless phone downstairs with him at 10:45 without a clue. I had put the SIM card into the new phone which I had charged overnight. I placed it, on and ready to roll, into a gift box and under the tree. Since he never noticed that the phone in his pocket was worthless, I just waited until my parents and SP had arrived and we were all seated and ready for the gift exchange. Then I said “oh, hang on, I need to call SportsBoy first!” I pull out my phone – he is now looking confused (or, as he would say, confuzzled) show him that I am dialing his number and….instead of the phone now in his hand ringing….there is a loud chime from under the tree? Wha? He dives in to find the ringing box and opens it to see the new phone and the light bulb finally goes off.

Yes, I can still play Santa and pull off a surprise even when he no longer believes in the traditional sense!

And that was MY favorite gift of all 🙂

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