Luscious lips – or not?

Lipstick used to make a symbolic kiss.
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I was watching something on TV recently, not on the DVR which is rare, and saw a commercial featuring Gwen Stefani that was for all day, wont ever smudge off lipstick. Or, so they claim of course 😉 In the commercial her lips were, naturally (I refuse to shorten that!), bright RED. And very shiny. And she made all sorts of motions as if to wipe it off with NO residue left ANYWHERE. And I could think was..

Who wears brightly colored lipstick anymore?

Shoot – who wears COLORED lipstick at all?

I haven’t put on lipstick in ages. I wear chap stick or a clear gloss. The only reason I put anything on my lips is to keep them moist which, in the relatively dry air of Southern California means making sure I have a chap stick within reach all the time.

I used to carry about 2-3 colors of lipstick in my purse. A plum, a soft brown & a maroon. None were glossy or terribly dark or bright. But somewhere along the line I just stopped using them rather unintentionally and the last few times I switched purses I didn’t bother putting them in. Now they sit in my makeup drawer in my bathroom and I still haven’t touched them in at least a year.

So then I decided to pay attention for a a few days to see how many women I came across who were wearing an obvious color. This has been at work, at the grocery, Starbucks, etc.  I was in a rather large meeting at work the end of last week and there was only ONE woman with lip color. At a party in my neighborhood Friday night, two women were going from the gathering to the opera and neither of them had color on their lips. Around town, I’ve seen maybe one soft pink & a muted brown.

Is this a So Cal thing? It just seems as if the use of color on our lips has dropped off significantly as an every day thing. Even a couple of gals here at work who do wear at least a fair amount of eye makeup every day do not seem to color their lips that much if at all.

Pay attention in your area for a few days – am I right? Are brightly colored lips (or really any colored lips) pretty much isolated now to women on red carpets & walkways & on stage?

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  1. We definitely still wear lipstick in the South/Lower Midwest. I carry a pinkish brown , a clear red, and a coral in my purse. I have a few others as well but don’t carry them with me. I often forget to reapply during the course of the day, so depending on when you saw me I might fall into the “no lipstick” category.


  2. I can’t remember the last time I saw a woman with lip color. Eye makeup, yes. (Isn’t there some rule about eyes or lips but not both?? I vaguely recall hearing something of the sort.)

    The two tubes of lipstick I own are probably in the “time to throw them away” category. Like you, I wear chap stick a lot (especially in winter around here).


  3. I wear a lip balm and use a lip pencil to color in my lips. It tends to stay on longer than smeary, creamy, soft actual lipsticks. But minimal eye makeup, that being eyeliner on my top lashes but that’s it. Lip pencil and balm is in my purse, with color reapplied after lunch, but no eye stuff, so when it’s gone it’s gone. I guess I’d be in the lips over the eyes category, makeup-wise.

    I would, however, like to find something to get rid of the perpetual circles under my eyes… 🙂


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