The mundane

  • I do not understand how CBS could, yet again, show the Grammy’s on tape delay on the west coast. No other award show does that anymore. It’s stupid. OTOH, since it WAS tape delayed and since everyone on my twitter feed who saw it live tweeted about it (plus some friends were there tweeting LIVE from the show)…I knew how much to watch or not watch so I didn’t waste a whole three hours Sunday night ๐Ÿ™‚ It was also mighty funny to see nearly the same reaction tweets repeat themselves as my west coast friends started watching the delayed broadcast. I saw the same round of “When did John Mayer morph into Johnny Depp?” tweets at 6:30pst and at 9:30pst.
  • After a one year break, my arm was twisted and I now have the Pop Warner books back in my house. Yeah, I know. What the hell, right? I just didn’t have a good reason to say no when the board president contacted me rather desperately to fill in for this season. It’s easy enough. OTOH, as I went through the paperwork this weekend to get back up to speed there was certainly a chorus ofย  “THIS again?!” going on in my brain.
  • There’s only 5 books left on my dresser from that huge pile I inherited a year ago! Even with the return of the treasurer duties, I’ll be done with those within a month and then? I’m going to the library! Sweet!
  • The bigger time suck for the next few months will be freshman baseball. Tryouts start on Saturday (weather permitting because of course our beautiful early spring weather is about to be interrupted by a barrage of rain just as baseball season REALLY kicks in!), and once the team is formed the schedule is actually more intense than football. Looking at last year’s made my head spin. Two or three games during the week. Often away. He’ll get there by bus as with football but that means leaving before classes are over which will be a huge challenge for keeping up with the work (and we all know how well he does with that anyway!). Plus, I wont even be able to see most of those games since they start at 3:30 and hello? I work!
  • Speaking of the Grammy’s – I did hop on iTunes & download an album from a winner. Who you might ask? Well, Eminem of course! Isn’t that what all 40-something moms were doing yesterday? Blasting some rap while doing taxes? MusicMan came out of his room at one point and just stood there with his jaw dropped. Finally he said “I’m sorry, I just CANNOT fathom my mom sitting here listening to Eminem! It does not compute!”

๐Ÿ™‚ Mission Accomplished ๐Ÿ™‚

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