This week in learning

  1. With proper planning and a little self discipline, you CAN get through a pay period without buying food from the cafeteria at work.
  2. A 14 year old boy CAN make it through a 2.5 hour baseball scrimmage/tryout, a 1 hour circuit workout and a 1 hour cycle class on just two pieces of toast and two bottles of water. And make the baseball team.
  3. No matter how hard your head is pounding from a hormone induced sinus headache, you will STILL laugh out loud at Modern Family & Big Bang Theory. The writing is just that good. Also? Laughter kinda helps.
  4. It *always* rains on the weekends in Spring in San Diego. I don’t know why, it just does. Looking back on my last few years of posts on the blog proves it. Mother Nature hears “baseball season!” and responds with “Oh yeah?!”
  5. Cats can make 14 year old boys jealous.
  6. 14 year old boys will still snuggle with you on the sofa – if the cat has triggered his jealousy.
  7. While it is wonderful to feel loved by both the cat AND the teen – circulation in your legs is also kinda important.
  8. Both the cat AND the teen will become jealous when the boyfriend comes over.
  9. See #7.
  10. Sometimes, the dishes will get done without you asking. Sometimes.

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