A new season begins

High school baseball starts for real tomorrow. And I have learned that it is WAY MORE intense than football!

He has either a game or a practice 6 out of 7 days – Sunday is the only day of rest. Mother Nature is being kind to us and the only rain in site the next week is on a scheduled practice vs game day. Something tells me we will LOVE rain outs simply for the break they will provide.

As I wrote on Facebook ealier this week, if I don’t see you at either work, my workouts, or his baseball games – I’ll see you in June!

As such, my writing here may be even more sparse. I admit to a lack of creativity right now. But, that is connected to my most recent reading material which has largely been on political events as I blew through a small past due stack of magazines the last two weeks of Feb. So, those got my mind on that topic & I wrote a bit more over on that site. I also attracted my first ever, honest to goodness right wing troll. So stereotypical that he even uses Reagan in a cowboy hat as his avatar. I hoped he would calm down and provide some nice discussion/debate banter, but his second comment was so nasty I had to delete it and he even went over to another friend’s site and trashed her over there. Sigh…the internet can sure make people brave when they can hide behind psuedonyms & alternate pictures.

Oh, and my walking OCD has extended into my work day. Where once I would combine trips to places like the water cooler or the fax machine or to drop off paperwork or go to the bathroom or to the lunchroom – now, I purposefully make one trip per chore and I walk the longer way back through the hallways to my desk. Yes, I laugh at this.

I’ve also decided that if MY SPOT is open, I’ll take it and take the stairs down even if that means carrying my laptop. If it isnot, I’ll park further away. I’m sure you can all rest easier knowing that I’ve reached a compromise in my OCD conundrum 😉

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