Mirror mirror on the wall

As I was sweeping the floor downstairs just now, I hear SB say, out loud into his microphone because he is playing Xbox Live with other players “What the FUCK?!”

I sigh and continue sweeping and think about how it was when I was a teen, and you think you are out of earshot of adults or just in the privacy of your room and you start experimenting with cussing. It’s nothing new, we all did it and as long as he has the self discipline to only speak like that in his room…I can turn a deaf ear.

Just then I notice some cat litter scattered over a part of the floor that I *just* finished sweeping.

“What the fuck?!” I say out loud to myself.


Something about an apple and a tree I think?

One thought on “Mirror mirror on the wall

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  1. lol! I remember those days well. I also remember how hard it was, even as an adult, for me to cuss around my parents. I got over it, eventually, especially after considering how much cussing they did around me while I was growing up.


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