Of checklists, shopping, dust bunnies, phantom kids & wardrobe malfunctions.

Started the weekend off with great intentions to do at least one more closet clean up in preparation for the someday upcoming garage sale I want to have, and also to read the next book in my pile which I have been carrying around for about two solid weeks now without cracking open. For some reason my brain thinks that before I can start a book, I need to clear out my magazine pile and since I had three unread magazines on my coffee table, I had to tackle those first. Yeah, I know – illogical, but I bet we all have those silly corners of our brains that do things like that. Right? RIGHT?!

Also on the To Do list was some massive computer clean up, some gardening, some exercising and some shopping. Started the running off well with a 2.5 mile outing Friday after work. Would have gone longer but things were starting to ache and sure enough I woke up Saturday feeling pretty damn sore from the waist down. So that was the day I declared as “sit on my ass doing computer clean up and reading day”. A trip to Rite Aid to get a new heart rate monitor battery resulted in finding some flowers I wanted to plant in the pots that sit on my wall so the gardening got done too. The Boyfriend swung by in the evening for some online shopping help (I’ve mentioned he’s a luddite, right?) and we made tentative plans to run together Monday further making me feel better about taking Sat off from exercising! So, computer cleanup (check), gardening (check) and at least PLANS to exercise (check). On Facebook I figured out that SportsBoy was in Palm Springs with his dad & step moms family leading me to wonder when he would be coming back – or if his dad would just drop him off to school on Tuesday am as we’ve often done after a 3-day weekend. I figured they would let me know. (cue Jeopardy theme). That would come back to haunt me.

Newly potted verbena & lobelia plants

Sunday was shopping day. Specifically shopping for clothes for me at Macy’s since I have a trip coming up in a couple of weeks and really prefer not to wear the same clothes around the same group of people if I can help it. Not that they would care – but you know what I mean, right? Plus my summertime casual shoe collection was moving into the nearly 10 year old age group and really needed updating. Of course, my bathing suit was already in the 10+ year old category but I only gave that department a cursory glance and I rarely use it these days. That would ALSO come back to haunt me! ALSO – hey, I HAVE been exercising and lost some weight so things fit a little differently. It was fun to try on the first sets of capris/shorts choosing both sizes I normally wear and finding that the larger ones can be totally eliminated from my selection! Since I only shop for myself about once every 18 months or so, I cruised every department and checked every sale rack and tried on a LOT of things. Plus, I had coupons. When I finally checked out I was plenty pleased with the haul which included two items marked down under $10. W00t! Shoe department was also a hit with three new pairs of sandals and then finally a new purse complete with matching mini-wallet and umbrella. Yes, I said umbrella! That was different!

Macy's haul. The purse w/ matching umbrella are in the bottom left corner. Too cute!

Speaking of different – anyone noticed an increase in knee high socks this fashion season? I didn’t notice them in the store – I noticed them ON people! Pretty funky patterns too. I somehow missed that trend (but then, I miss almost all trends since I only shop every other year!)

As I left Macy’s I realized I was *starving* but having just dropped some money I wasn’t willing to eat out of settle for fast food so when I got home I threw a burger in the frying pan and started toasting some bread. Well, I turned the heat on so high that when I went to flip the burger it literally spit hot grease at me and now I have a lovely splatter of burns up my left arm. Oddly not terribly painful, but also not fabulously attractive. Creating ugly sores/scars just before a trip in the summertime? Oh so classic! (check).

After eating I did clean out a closet – just not the one I had planned. Since it is my rule that if I bring in new clothes, I must discard at least an equal quantity of old ones, I made a rather large pile from my dresser drawers and closet and then I tackled the shoes. They sit in a smaller closet right off the bathroom with double doors that don’t actually latch and often stay swung open a bit. Prime cat adventure spot. As I reached in to pull out old, unused in the last year shoes – out they came with layers of dust bunnies that LITERALLY were the size of bunnies! Oh, it was so disgusting! I was horrified enough to pull the whole mess out along with the shoe rack and sweep the piles of fur clean. Ugh! I am pretty sure if I was prone to asthma that a major attack would have hit! So while that didn’t count as garage sale closet cleanup (no, the old shoes could not be GIVEN away they were so covered), I could mentally check off another item. Clearly I need to sweep in there more often.

I followed that adventure up with a really nice 4 mile run. Soreness from Saturday was gone and with a fresh battery in the heart rate monitor I was actually looking forward to hitting the road. I know, so weird to me. Even if I intend to only walk as I did Friday night, I still end up running now. Oh, and The Boyfriend had finally remembered to bring over the exercise ball Sat night so I was able to do some ab and hamstring work after the run. Then I FINALLY settled onto the sofa and polished off those magazines. It was really lovely. An awesome article in Rolling Stone on Lady Gaga which made me then play her new album that came out this week (.99 Amazon sale – sweet!) Dang, that girl can really sing and is just mid numbingly talented & creative. Every interview I read or see with her shows how fascinating she is. And so damn YOUNG. Gah! (no, GAGA! Heh)

Monday morning and I think – “I just need to go the grocery and then the day is free until running time just before dinner”. So I make my list and then tackle Amber to trim her nails and give her a brush down. You know those disgusting dust bunnies from the closet? Yeah, well I created another small cat with the pile of fur pulled off her after a 10 minutes brushing! Good thing she loves to be groomed – purring and kneading her paws the whole time.

Pile O' Amber fur from grooming - originator of the monster dust bunnies

At the grocery I get to take my time comparing prices and sales and using coupons and just as I get to the checkout line I get a text from a new workout friend to see if I want to join her at their pool for some sun & relaxation. Given that I just picked up a 12 pack of Sam Adams beer on sale & was thinking I should invite them over for beer on the patio one night, this worked out grand. I still had at least 5 hours until SP would be contacting me about running/dinner and I knew if I did bail on the running part with him – he’d be fine. (As long as I cooked dinner!) I get home and MM helps me unload groceries so I can head upstairs and dig out the 10+ year old bathing suit. Get everything together and realize that my beach towel is in SportsBoy’s room so I head across there and notice the door is closed (I had left it open on Saturday when I took sheets off the bed for washing and discovered it was kinda teenage boy stinky in there!). Open the door quizzically and – voila! The Boy is home! Uh???? Thankfully my friends are totally cool with him joining us but now I am thinking about food (did I plan to feed him lunch and dinner tonight?! No. At least I plan on cooking dinner so he’ll be covered, but…gah!) So now I throw in some just purchased hot dogs & strawberries to go with the beer because I can’t show up with a soon to be hungry teen without being able to feed him! BTW – this is the third time in a month that I’ve arrived home to find him there unexpectedly – all three times when I made plans with these friends. Renee has dubbed him the “phantom kid”. Yes, I can blame his dad (so easy to do), but he does have a cell phone too and I asked if it had occurred to him to text me about when he would come back. Yeah – no, clearly not!

Off we go anyway and I swim for the first time in…AGES…really. Maybe it was the last cruise we went on in 2005? It was fun and relaxing and just as we were polishing off the last of the strawberries and thinking of hopping back into the pool and spa for a second round – *sproing!* – my bikini top unhooks on its own and starts to slide. Thankfully I caught it but further inspection indicated that the plastic snap enclosure had completed snapped apart. Ever prepared – I did have spare clothes in my bag and changed into those but dang – no more water fun! Now I’m wishing I had cruised through the bathing suit department at Macy’s! I guess I’ll be back 🙂

In really Big News – SportsBoy is now taller than me! I watched him walk with Renee to go cook up the hot dogs and noticed that he seemed to be towering over her more than usual (She’s 5’2”). So when they returned with the food I had him stand next to me since we were on equal (bare) footing and sure enough he’s snuck past me! Probably 5’5” now which will be confirmed at a football physical this week. He’s pleased as punch and now I’m back to being the shortest in the house. That’s what I get for having boys.

All in all, a lovely three day weekend getting some planned chores done, some unplanned, leaving a couple on the table but for plenty fun reasons. And no matter what, wishing when the alarm went off this morning that there had been just ONE MORE day off 🙂

Poolside before wardrobe malfunction

2 thoughts on “Of checklists, shopping, dust bunnies, phantom kids & wardrobe malfunctions.

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  1. lol! RIGHT! I do the same thing with magazines and books (have to finish the magazines before reading the book).

    Even with the malfunctions and the dust bunnies (reminding me that there is a closet I ought to go check), it sounds like a great weekend. 🙂


  2. I actually stopped by my google reader list for a quick look before going to clean out the guest bedroom (that’s the easiest to do so I start with that one before doing my room and the office) and here I am reading what google reader says is a list of 500+ new posts!

    I agree that it’s time to head back to Macy’s for a new swim suit. I was afraid the wardrobe malfunction was going to be that it slipped off due to the “landscape changes” from your running. Glad I was wrong!


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