New things you’ve experienced this year

From my Friday Questiontime query posted on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and here: What new thing have you experienced this year for the first time ever?  Here are the answers covering the spectrum of life experiences.

  • Earthquake and Hurricane – all in one week! (a few east coast friends provided that answer of course)
  • Getting laid off
  • Hearing my grandson talk
  • Seeing the cover of my first book
  • Dealing with pneumonia alone 😦
  • Unremitting laziness – how do I overcome it??
  • Traveled to Texas
  • Warmed up food tasking better than fresh
  • Talking to people all over the world from anywhere I want
  • 3 teenage girls in high school – so far, not so fun!
  • Cachaca – the national cocktail of Brazil
  • Having my car stolen 😦
  • Running 9 miles – who wants to do that anyway? – but it happened and I was there.
  • Ireland. The Tarn region of France. Suburu Outback.
  • This year I experienced my first real “party”. I went to DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) now called Movement. By day two I had Experienced the real freedom of dance. It was beautiful and safe and amazing!
  • Losing a house in a fire, also went to Napa
  • I had REAL wild rice for the first time after growing up with Uncle Ben’s. And visiting Minnesota is my first venture to a state not crossed by I70.
  • Working as an extra in a feature film and on a TV series.
  • Triathlon!
  •  No comment! (there’s always one smart ass in the bunch, right?!)

I’m sure you don’t need to know mine…but considering that just yesterday morning I ran SEVEN MILES…I guess I can mention the running thing one more time 🙂  I started transitioning from walking to running in April. I’ve taken it really slow and run according to my heart rate and other than the flare up of bursitis in my hips within that first month I’ve had no physical aches or pains from it. Contrary to a lifetime belief that running is BAD – it’s proving me dead wrong the more I do it!

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