Rhetorical Questions – I got ’em!

We interrupt your feel good, sparkly holiday decorations and sentimental posts for this message:

Sometimes, we just gotta bitch!

I know, you knew this already since I’ve posted the complaint box & spewed many an invective before. We already know I’m not all about farting rainbows and unicorns despite my blog title.

Sometimes you just gotta bitch.

They say if you write things down, it’s the best way to get them done. By “they” I mean some guy on a marketing video I was listening to who rambled on about making task lists and how putting something down on paper somehow transfers it from your subconscious to your conscious mind and then “puts it out there to the universe” to help you complete the task or solve the problem and yada yada yada, whatever, right? I’d mock it some more but dammit if that wasn’t something I’d found to be true in my life.

SO – sometimes you just gotta bitch.

And when you do, then the thing that’s making you bitch becomes more concrete and still frustrating as hell but maybe it frees up those 2 brain cells you need to make the situation better.

For instance – here’s a lame one – WHY does it seem like the biggest chore on the planet to food and hang up clean clothes? I’ve ALWAYS loathed this task. No logic to it. But I hate it so much that I can drag out the putting away of a 2 load pile of clean clothes in my hamper for DAYS. I’m on night two of one now. Which is why I am sitting on the side of my bed tapping this post out on the iPhone. I’d rather do THIS than hang up clothes! GAWD, I kill me sometimes.

One thought on “Rhetorical Questions – I got ’em!

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  1. I fold the clothes and put them in a basket with an old towel on top and the cats sleep on it and press the T-shirts and stuff flat, so more fit in the drawers and shelves of the closet.

    And they like the clean clothes baskets as beds best of all.


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