What I’m wearing when I leave for work tomorrow


So, today (Thursday), I found out that Friday is Run To Work Day. I would insert a link here to the blog & Facebook event, but I’m posting this from my phone & don’t know how to insert links. (added!) My laptop is still at work & Alex is occupying the PC. Anyhow, as the clothes indicate, I’m running to work tomorrow! It’s about 4.5 miles instead of 5 since I can cut a couple corners, but….and this is a HUGE BUT…the last .7 miles? UP one of the nastiest hills in my area. The Torrey Pines Grade. I’ll be taking the inside route through the reserve which is steeper, but shorter than the main road. I’ll most likely end up walking at some point. But, this is the hill I want to conquer eventually running it all the way. Most likely not tomorrow. I’ll leave here at 6:15. Alex has to walk to school (oh, the whining he has done over that!). We did an easy run the other night at a 12 min mile pace. Flat the whole way. My route to Base Camp as I’m calling it is also largely flat so I should reach the hill in around 45 mins. Then I’m
realistically giving myself 30 to get to work. The office is right at the top of the hill. That gives me 30 mins to shower & change & then head up to the cafeteria for some pancakes. And bacon. Yes, I think both will be required! I came home at lunch today & left all necessary supplies there. Nick will drive my car up at lunch to get me. No, I am not running both ways on one day notice!

Well, not this time anyway 🙂

3 thoughts on “What I’m wearing when I leave for work tomorrow

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  1. EXTRAORDINARY. Not only will you summit a nasty hill, but the treasure you win from slaying that dragon is a stack of delicious pancakes! I have to say, I am envious of that commute. Can’t wait to hear your reflections after this epic run.


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