It is what it is – don’t look here for motivation!

Over the past month the top search term drawing random strangers to this site is “Motivation”.

Pardon me for a moment while I react to the idea that I can provide advice on this topic:

OK, OK….so um..motivation eh?

I supposed folks were experiencing what I call the February doldrums. Still stuck with winter weather. Holidays and New Year’s Resolutions long faded from memory. This year they even added an extra day to the Monday of Months (thank you Garfield). I’m sure there were many straws being grasped in order to plug away each day. Well, keep grasping folks because this isn’t the place for your motivation to be found!

I’m the one who cannot even get through this blog post without clicking over the Facebook. A title, two sentences and a picture load and I’m already distracted!

Sure, I reached my running goal for the year early, but I also ended up the day Friday with a scratchy throat which felt like the start of a cold and I totally shut down for the weekend and stayed home from work on Monday. You can look at it as taking no chances and refusing to push myself when I feel sick. Or it’s an excuse to be ultra lazy. Whatever, it worked, and on Tuesday other than a little runny nose nonsense, I was fine and back to running.

We have a new challenge at work which I guess you could call some motivation – we log in our “activity minutes” each day. The Goal is to reach 600 in a month. I guess this is the replacement for last years Steps to Wellness program when we wore a pedometer for what felt like forever. Those kinds of little “check in” things tend to work for me.

Oh – new email – and a couple of text messages!

Where was I? Oh yeah..motivation. Um…so Alex is doing a smidgen better. He’s acing his online course right now though also fighting me every step of the way as I try to (ahem) *motivate* him to stay on the right pace. He’s also doing better with his regular classes. Sort of, kind of. IF I stay on him. He literally wont work without me being here to keep him on task. So I get home every night as fast as I can from work because I know he’s been farting around since he got home from school. We start off by going over what needs to get done, prioritizing them, and then I have to move him to the right spot in the house. Last night he needed to read an article and answer some questions. Which meant peeling him away from the computer so he could focus on reading. There is no way he can read at the computer desk because it is too easy to click over to something more fun (where does he get that, I wonder? :)) Some nights he cooperates with my suggestions, but at least one night a week he is clearly in teen rebellion mode and generally makes both our lives miserable with his defiant attitude. I’m trying to just walk away when he’s like that, but it’s hard. More often I go into martyr mode lamenting all the hard work and time I’ve put into getting him on track and mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah…..yeah, I even tune myself out when I get too wrapped up in those rants/lectures. I need a beer just thinking about it!

Oooh – new pictures over on the Love & Hisses Facebook page……baby stripey kittehs….awww…

Clearly I am not your best source for motivation. However, I would like to know if any of YOU can figure out what the motivation was behind THIS?:

Yes, this is from the So Called Ladies Room in the basement offices at my workplace. Which is, as my friend pointed out, an institution of higher education. And yet – this is a not uncommon thing to find around the 4pm hour in there. FWIW, the paper jammed into the edge of the trash receptacle is the wrapper that was around the new roll of paper. Apparently there is an inability to properly crumple things & put them in there along with an utter lack of ability to put the new roll on the holder? My co worker said she found it like this the other day, but with the wrapper simply tossed on the ground. Yeah, we don’t quite get it.


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