Dear Daylight Savings Time

What the heck did I ever do to you?

How can one little hour have so much impact?

Por ejemplo – last Sunday I joined my running buddies for a 90 min trail run at San Elijo Lagoon. We had to get started before 8am because they have follow up the run with a swim class that starts at 9:45. I ended up covering just over 7 miles in the 90mins and ended up with a couple of angry toes due to some poor pedicure habits (my own fail, nothing to do with the always awesome shoes & socks). Anyhow, I followed up the run last week by completing the following, all before noon:

  • filled up car with gas
  • had a protein shake when I got home
  • showered & tended to toes
  • started a load of laundry
  • went to dry cleaner and dropped off comforter & picked up clothes
  • finished weekly grocery shopping
  • emptied dishwasher from load I started before my run
  • watched early morning news shows that were on the DVR

Not a bad morning’s work, right?

So today we had the same run planned. Other than filling the car up with gas & emptying the dishwasher (did those last night), I needed to do pretty much the same things afterwards.

So how did it go today after Springing Forward one measly hour?

  • Home from run around 9:30
  • Made protein drink
  • Check toes (all good this week)
  • Turned on DVR to watch news shows while sipping shake
  • Turned off DVR and went to sleep
  • Woke up and turned DVR back on and finished watching shows
  • got in shower at 12:30

See a difference there?

One hour ends up screwing up and entire day.

And it wasn’t just me. No one in this house moved until noon.

Someone asked on twitter what we were all going to do with that extra hour of daylight we inherited today. I’ll tell what I’m doing. Catching up from the apparent FOUR HOURS I lost this morning!

Not sure that extra hour is worth it right now. Especially since I still feel foggy brained and hungover.

Seriously DST – what the hell did I do to you?

No love, Me.

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