May 24th – The Storm Begins

You know how I said yesterday that it was the calm before the storm at work?

Yeah well, the storm rolled in today SO here’s what you get before I head out for another dinner meeting on job/career #2:

Yes, I did run. 3 miles! I could have run 4-5 but I had to get ready to go to that darn work thing. Hrmph!

Good thing I ran too because there was a baby shower at work and with cookies n cream ice cream AND warm gooey chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Ahem.

Hush up.

Unexpected Beauty entry – I am currently way too happy to see a certain cat eat wet food. He used to hate it. Now, it’s like instinct has kicked in and he loves it. Phew! Thought I would capture him chowing down and got lucky enough instead to capture a classic kitty move


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