Back to cheering for the D-E-F-E-N-S-E!

With 15 moving up to the varsity level this year, he is truly the little bird in the big nest. (Get it? ‘Cause they are Falcons?! – Hah! I kill me)

Even a starting receiver in a Wing-T offense can barely see 5 balls thrown to him all season (like last year). So this upcoming season he would not only be slotted behind the seniors, but there are a couple of juniors with a step (or really, a foot more of height!) ahead of him. Basically if he focused all his attention on staying on offense he would be lucky to get in on some special teams plays this season.

So he shifted gears and practiced with the defensive backs in the spring flag practices. And he found himself initially slotted as the #3 corner. Given that there are always two on the field, that means anytime one of them needs a break or gets hurt, his number will be called. Much higher in the rotation than he was placed (#7 receiver) on offense.

He still didn’t get a ton of playing time in at the annual Cardinal-Gold spring flag football bbq & game. But he did get in for one full series and batted away a pass. So here’s the pics from the photographers on the ground. He’s #18 this year and will be working a lot on his backpedaling skills!

The pile pushes towards him as the runner tries to get through without losing a flag
Even though it was “flag” football, the boys still fell all over the place and a tackle or two may have occurred.
In a not great situation – the receiver is beating him down the field. Safety coming over to help.
A last gasp leap…! And it worked – the pass was thankfully underthrown and he was able to knock it away. Nice recovery 🙂

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