Yes, I am a weather wimpy San Diegan. Proudly so.

Allow me please to whine just a little bit about the weather.

OK, let me whine a LOT!

First, here is your frame of reference. I live in San Diego. I’ve lived here full time pretty much since the early 80s. So this graphic describes me PERFECTLY:


The last two weeks it has been pretty much Hot to Scorching even here on the coast. I come home from work and even with windows left open all day it is still over 80 in the house.

No, I don’t have air conditioning. Because normally there is this thing called an ocean breeze. No matter how hot it might get during the day, the breezes will waft around and cool the air at sunset.

Somebody turned off our breeze and I am not happy about it.

The cats are not happy about it either. They lay about somehow even MORE pathetically than usual and eek out these little mews of discomfort throughout the day. I mean, I get it – they have those fur coats after all. I have to fill their water bowls even more often and still it looks like they are sometimes panting like dogs.

The boys do that too.

27 often details cars in the garage – this is not a very pleasant task in 90+ degree heat with NO air flow.

16 is in the throes of hell month with football. He’s easily sweating away any excess pounds he might have put on before that started.

Two days ago there were a small miracle and the onshore flow made an appearance and it was gray and cloudy and cool so I went for a one hour run and it was HEAVENLY. Best run I’ve had in weeks. Over 5 miles non stop and I would happily have gone more if I didn’t have to be somewhere else.

That was a brief respite.

Now, it has gotten a LITTLE bit better. Tonight while sitting on the sofa I did actually feel a waft of cool air come through the open windows. RELIEF! Aaaaaahhhhh. Just a small one though. It’s 9:30pm and still 80 in the house.


I know – and now you are saying “Oh hush up, in just a few more weeks you will be whining that it is Chilly or even Freezing!” – I know. I know. That little window of perfection is small. And the problem is that  75% of the time, that is what we have. But that 25%?  We FREAK OUT!


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