One more week of summer!

For 16 that is.

Driving him in this morning for the morning football session we realized that in one week it will be a school day drop off instead.

You know what makes the summer fly by? Taking online classes and playing football that’s what!

Remember how I complained about checking in to five classes on Aeries every day and how happy I was that it would “only” be one online class?

Yeah – bring on the 5 classes and get me out of this math class checkup hell!

(Grass is always greener…I know!)

Yes, I changed up the look of the blog again. Yes, you should all be used to that by now.

Yes, if you follow me on twitter you saw that I ran up Torrey Pines hill again this weekend. No, I didn’t just fun straight up. This time time I participated in the dreaded “hill repeats”. I’ve run with the girls while they did these before but I always let them be as they ran up and down and up and down. It would take me just as long to run up once!

On Sunday I decided at the last minute to go for it and I ran the 2 mins up, 2 mins down with them. 8 sets. 32 minutes of up and down. Surrounded at the front and back by 60 more minutes of regular running which totaled 90 mins. And I did it. And honestly those last 45 minutes of running AFTER the hill repeats were a lot harder than the hill repeats themselves.

Two mornings later and my calves still hurt a bit from the up and down, but not too terribly.

I really cannot even whimper out a complaint at this point. Not given that one of my employees at work just broke his ankle and foot so badly that it took 6 screws and two rods to put the whole foot back together!


That’s putting a little more pressure on the end of the audit cycle for sure. Luckily I had us all cross train each other on daily tasks two years ago, but there is still going to be some fall off if I don’t jump in and take over more – the curse of being the manager. Fill in all the gaps. He’ll be back at work in some capacity probably by next week but I seriously doubt he will be back to full time and full task load until well into the fall.

And yes, I have become one of those annoying internet marketing people! I’ve joined every damn social media site I know of, every small business and marketing forum and I’ve got yet another blog created that will funnel traffic to the main consulting site. Eve will take over from there and then funnel some client support tasks to me. It’s fascinating and fun and if it means that I can supplement my day job to the point where I am not so strapped for cash every time property tax payment time rolls around then I will be exceptionally happy.

Mostly, it’s a truly cool, self paced and fun way to learn something completely outside my comfort zone without any risk on my part other than my time.

My calendar is filled with Friday Night football games, back to school night and a couple more 5k races in September & October. So in many ways that means “summer” is over for me too.

Now, will someone please tell Mother Nature? Thanks!

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