Oct 28 – Last Day of Vacation

Set my alarm for 5:45 this morning. Why?

Because Renee was starting her race at 7:50 central time and I wanted to track it. I setup my laptop right next to my bed and just had to roll over and hit refresh on the website obsessively while watching Up.

The IronMan 70.3 is as you see below – 1.2 miles swim, 56 mile bike and then a teensy little 13.1 half marathon run. So my morning was pretty filled with refreshing the results page and also her facebook page where Eve was posting pics and updates. A little after 11am – the page was properly completed:


Came in under 6 hours, 13th in her age group – after starting the swim in 33rd, that’s a helluva closing push!

Please note her half marathon pace – AFTER the swim and the bike. Her average for 13.1 miles was still faster than my stupid little 5k at the end of the relay last week. And I nearly puked just trying to run at a 9 minute pace for 3 miles!!

She is one Tough Chick. And now, she is also an Iron Man 🙂

After that was done, I went to go visit Marie in her new house. She’s nicely settled and we had a great afternoon yapping away. She even took out all the old baseball cards that I wrote about! She still has hers….mostly because her husband also collected and made sure they kept hers and his over the years.

I’m proud to say that I made it through the entire week without once checking in on work emails. I think that’s a first for me since they gave me a work laptop back in 2002!

And yes, I did clean every window sill and corner in the house yesterday. Including the fireplace.


The weights are there to prevent Amber from pushing the screen open and getting in there. I used to find ashy paw prints on the floor when she would nudge it open. Although, now that it is cleaner that it has been in years, it isn’t such a big deal anymore.

The termites might still be here (for now) but it is CLEAN in the places I can see 🙂

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