Oct 29 – Preparedness


Thanks to twitter and facebook I feel like I know half the people living under that enormous storm cloud. Many have been tracking it well since last week and could tell it would be hugs. All seem to have been diligently watching the reports and preparing ahead for the storm and it’s aftermath (flooding & loss of power).

No longer do I look for a live TV broadcast of these events – instead I follow people online. Including the major weather services and NOAA and FEMA accounts. Consequently while I have never yet been near a hurricane and could therefore easily be quite frightened of this unknown entity, I have learned that while they are very damaging to property, if you take the right precautions, then everything will be OK. So, I don’t fear for the LIVES of my friends – I am certain they are keeping themselves safe that way. I do always hope that their homes and cars escape any major damage and that their power is restored quickly.

One thing that I’ve always wondered as a west coaster with no experience in this area – why do you fill up the bathtub? I saw someone today mention using the water to flush the toilets periodically, but until today I didn’t even know about that!

Something I do know for sure though, is that one way people SHOULD prepare themselves, but they haven’t is this – DON’T AUTOMATICALLY BELIEVE EVERY PICTURE YOU SEE IS REAL!!!

By 9am Pacific Time this morning two photos were FLYING around FB & Twitter. One was a complete photo shop of a much smaller, condensed storm cloud on an image of the Statue of Liberty making it look as if the ENTIRE eye of the storm was bearing down on Lady Liberty. Uh – no? Even if you have not been watching the radar images for the last week, you should have immediately doubted that one! All storm predictions have been that it will hit land tonight AND that the reason this storm is such a Big Deal is because it is so BIG!  The other photo was of the Old Guard standing as they always do in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in a pretty intense pouring rain. That photo had been taken back in September, but all it took was someone labeling it as being today and off it flew. While it is awesome to think about the dedication of this unit and fantastic to recognize them at ANY time – the Old Guard hopped on Twitter really quickly to correct the record and then posted freshly dated photos of their own from this morning – wet, but no pouring rain (yet).

It’s interesting how gullible people get during a major event like this.

It is really interesting to see how FAST incorrect information and photos fly around spreading that gullibility. After all, the more people who post it, the more “real” it seems to you, right?

And then I saw THIS tweet in response to the revelation that the Old Guard photo was a month old- and thought “Yep – exactly. Excellent point.”





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  1. I filled the bathtub today because if the power goes out, we will be without any running water. We have a well which requires an electric pump to bring the water into the house and to regulate the pressure. Folks on “city” water don’t have to worry about loss of water, usually.

    Without running water we can’t flush the toilet the normal way. A bucket of water will make it flush. We can also scoop out water to use for washing dishes, washing ourselves, and washing anything else that needs washed. We have a gas stove so I can use a match to light it and still cook or heat up water for washing. We have separate cooking and drinking water already stored, and we filled up a few 5 gallon containers yesterday just in case we need some extra. We also brought in plenty of firewood because it’s in the 40s, and no power means no heat. We can get a fire going in the basement fireplace, and get the gas fireplace going, too. Between the two, they keep us pretty warm.

    Great tweet at the end. Gotta agree. 🙂


  2. One other thought: We’re never sure how long the power will be out. Hurricane Ike led to an unexpected week-long power outage, mostly because all the power company workers were down south, helping out other states, the powers that be thinking they wouldn’t be needed here. Anyhow, having that tub full of water will help us stay here a little longer if the power is out for more than a day or two.


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