I do not like limbo.

No, not the dance – I was actually once quite good at that 🙂

No, I do not like being “stuck in limbo” as the expression goes.

It is, of course, the lack of control that is quite frustrating.

Before I launch into the complaints – one bit of very good news – 16’s concussion seems to have healed. It was almost like that visit to the neurologist after the MRI was the final corner. He started scoring much lower on his symptoms around the middle of last week and then he went in Saturday specifically to fill in a ‘0’. Even though he probably wont play football – the team won Friday night but plays the #2 seed this week and chances of winning are rather low – he at least wants to get back to being able to list weights and run with the team after school and during PE so he will start the “gradual return to activity” process this week. Cognitively he has been 100% symptom free for a couple of weeks now and no further academic support has been needed at all.


So the house needs to be tented for termites and we are in the process of getting bids. My neighbor doesn’t really care, but since I am borrowing money from the BF to get my side done, that means that he has an interest in which company we choose. Which is good, because he drives a hard bargain and will end up saving money all around for us. But, it’s also nerve wracking because it means more termite company visits and then coordination between all interested parties to choose who we go with and then when it is done.

This is all complicated because I have the cats. I need to find a place to go for 3 days and 2 nights (usually a Wed-Fri). It needs to either be a place where I can relax about leaving the cats for the day while I go to work, OR, it needs to be timed so that if I have to not go into work that it will be OK and that I should have internet access to potentially work from wherever we will be.

Even though I found a fairly close hotel that will allow the cats and is less than $100/night, I am not sure some dumb fool from the hotel wouldn’t go in the room even WITH a DO NOT ENTER order and then the cats would race out. Nor do I want to lock them in a bathroom if I have to leave. Chip is enough of a nutjob to stress himself right back into bladder problems again.

Then there is a GOOD complication, but a complication non the less. 27 got a temp job – yay! It is up near where I work (mostly yay!) BUT…the hours will most likely be really odd because it is a customer support job for a retail vendor that needs folks maning phones during the holiday rush order season (Nov-mid Jan). As an example his first day of training is actually an evening shift 5:30-9:30 on Thursday night this week. Until that is done, he wont know what hours/days he will be working. So neither of us can really go stay those two nights any place too FAR away since we need to share the car. 16 can go to his dad’s but it also means he cannot walk home those 3 days once school is out. He HAS to hang out on campus until his dad can pick him up.

So yeah, timing is going to be stressful and right now I just don’t know how it will all fall into place.

I mean, I know we will make it happen and it will work out, but right now I cannot SEE that for sure, so…limbo.

Same goes with my “female” problems. We know what it is (fibroids) and what to do (outpatient procedure) but I cannot schedule it right now until the termite thing is done. Plus, it will be another lost day at work AND I will need to arrange a driver which is probably easy enough actually once we know 27’s work schedule. If he cannot do it, I am sure that the girls will help out – BUT – limbo!

So, one week later there is still a feeling of apprehension/anticipation over things I cannot entirely control – sorta like the election last week :/

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