Baking List for the year

I’ve started a tradition a few years ago of baking cookies and bringing them into work during the month of December. My next door neighbor sometimes also has a neighborhood cookie exchange party. Last year I was a cookie elf bringing treat plates to Renee & Eve and Renee & Quyen (yes, the two couples in my training group are female, and, there is one Renee each). It is not confusing AT ALL! Anyway…I suggested that this year the training group have our own cookie exchange party and I volunteered my place for it. We’ve set the date for the 19th so I’ve got lots of time to prepare, but I would also rather make sure I plan ahead for all the baking I want to do and get the right combination of ingredients to take advantage of free blocks of time. So today I sifted through recipes, scoured Pinterest…and made my choices. Oddly I didn’t end up with anything new from online sources but instead chose a combination of staples and some older recipes I’ve had in my folder and never tried.

I need to save this someplace so I don’t forget:

  1. Ricotta Cheese
  2. Jello Spritz (use existing jello packets only)
  3. Chocolate Sugar
  4. Cranberry Cheesecake Bars
  5. Chocolate Raspberry Thumbprints

I figure that’s a good blend of chocolate & sugar varieties along with some fruit themed flavors.

Starting off with some blue raspberry jello spritzers tomorrow per 16’s request 🙂

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