Tree Ornaments


A twitter friend is posting daily photos with short descriptions of the ornaments on her tree and I thought I would copy that. Though maybe not daily and probably as add ons to regular posts πŸ™‚

Yes, the inside is done, and boxes are put back away. The first batch of jello
Spritz cookies are almost gone & I’ll need to bake another batch tomorrow night. My neighbor just sent out her invite for a cookie exchange – two days after mine! I’ll be ready with plenty of treats to share for sure.

So – let’s start at the top shall we? The bow topper is not the subject here though it is integral. But, the topper changes per my mood & lights burning out. No, the real star here is the mouse on the ladder “holding up” the tree topper.

If my mom had made a habit of taking pictures of our tree way back when (you know, the days of Polaroids & real film cameras!), I am sure we would see Mr. Mouse in this same spot.

Yes, that cloth & plastic ornament is easily 40 years old.

And as far as my memory serves, it had been displayed either on my moms tree or mine every single year.

That’s pretty cool considering that my tastes in overall tree decor has bounced all over the place in the last 25 years! Somehow I always manage to fit in the mouse.

Someone has to hold up the topper. And in my current household, Mr Mouse wants to stay up as high off the ground as possible! There’s cats down there at the bottom after all πŸ˜‰

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