Recipe Pages organized!

First, yes, there has been a change (yet again) in main theme for the blog – the header picture is the old Point Loma Lighthouse at the Cabrillo National Monument. We visited there with some out of town friends on the 26th.

But, on my To Do list for the holiday break was to more formally organize all the recipes I’ve shared over the years. So now they are split apart in two pages: Cookies & Main Meals (since those are what I primarily try out).

There are tabs up at the top for the two of them. When I try something new and it is good enough to share, I will put up a blog post but also add the successful recipe with my own notes onto the appropriate page.

So feel free to browse the two sections and if you’ve got questions on any of them, drop me an email or a comment.

Happy baking or cooking!

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