Overcoming mental obstacles

Motivation and fear are interesting things aren’t they?

The one pushes hard up against the other – who will win?

Well, it seems funny to speak of ‘fear’ when it came to my rather basic accomplishment I managed to achieve yesterday ­čÖé

For so many, making a video is easy. Second nature even. Hell, I didn’t even really make a video, but simply put together a slide show that I made INTO a video to publish on You Tube. ┬áThat’s why I had to post the video just before this – I am damn proud of that!!

I know that any sort of internet marketing experiment that I undertake is going to require multi-media content. Pictures and writing are one thing – video was totally foreign to me. So I’ve been really apprehensive about it – trying my best to find existing videos that will fill the bill (and don’t break some copy write rules!). But really, for a simple informative post like I had in my mind, I knew I had to create it.

Now, there is no sound – that will come with my second foray into the medium. After I was done I thought about at least having some boring music playing in the background, but since I had already spent three hours on the task, I was kind of done.

But, now after months of talking about it – I have done it! So, now the next one wont be so intimidating.

I’m motivated though – without making any huge effort at very much in the last few weeks obviously, two more books sold. Traffic to the site has plummeted in the winter months, yet whatever I am putting out there is breaking through often enough to keep me going. If we can keep this viable and get it even close to thriving, then I know we can do this for other people too someday.

Also, my day job is kicking into HIGH gear for the next 6 months. Yeah, that long…my co worker will go on┬ámaternity┬áleave no later than end of March/early April and she will most likely not be back until July or August. Yep, mid-year end audit time!

Good thing I got all those evictions done when I did eh?

Oh yes, let’s see…my money habit update: Put $16.20 in the kitty today so that total after four weeks is $37.75

I’ll start the workout habit after the next trail run 5k one week from today.

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