My kick ass trainer

The other night while watching The Biggest Loser for inspiration, I launched into my first planned home workout routine.

I was doing great – blew past the targeted 15 minutes and was on the back end of a 40 minute routine.

Wanting to work on my leg strength, I was doing chair sits against the wall. I could still see/hear the TV which took my mind a bit off of the oncoming muscle shakes and pain as I kept myself at the proper 90 degree squat position.

And then….Amber sauntered around the corner.

She paused…gave me a quick “meow!” and….walked right under my chair squatting self, and raised herself up to head butt me! Yes, she head butted my butt!

Do NOT ask me how I did not fall over at that moment – I started laughing so hard that I actually couldn’t really move out of the spot! She just continued to saunter on by with another “meow!” I counted out the remaining 25 seconds I had intended to hold the position with my continuing giggles and then I thanked her for upping the challenge for the night.



2 thoughts on “My kick ass trainer

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  1. My cat almost got trampled because she decided to plop herself down in my space when I was doing Zumba at home. When I pushed her out of the way she was pretty annoyed with me. Cats definitely make life enjoyable. 😉


  2. Pumpkin the cat, wherever in the house she may be, somehow knows when I get on the floor for sit-ups and push-ups. She then circles me like a shark… I suppose it’s good for ab strength when I have to wait for her to move as I lay down from each sit-up. 🙂


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