Super Soup Sunday!

Hey, did you guys forget that I like to share recipes?

You did?

Oh, I guess that is because I forgot to share any since the flood of posts in December 😉

Fine – since I will be otherwise occupied for awhile, I will at least make sure to share when I find a gem or two. I came up with my own unexpectedly earlier in the week that I will more properly document and post when I make it again.

This one is courtesy of a friend from high school. Yet another “thank you Facebook!” connection that I made in the last few years. She just started her own blog specifically for sharing recipes and today she shared this Super Soup Sunday idea. First of all, I love that plan. Make a pot of soup to and save for leftovers during the week or freeze for longer time frames.

Soup Recipe


That’s direct from the Purely Nourished site.

FWIW, I did saute the onions and celery in lemon juice. I did not buy any garnish, and I did buy some french bread to go with it. Here’s what I had after 20 minutes of chopping:

photo (1)


A mixture of organic and not quite organic ingredients. I had to go with what I already had. I did have to make a trip to Jimbo’s to get the red lentils.

For the after picture I am using Jodi’s – it’s much prettier and she at least has some garnish:

Marakesh Express Soup


Yum yum and YUM! This soup is packed with proteins and ridiculously excellent nutrients thanks to the beans, spices and veggies. As you might see from her site – that is the focus.

I’m looking forward to more Super Soup Sunday recipes from her.

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