Math with cats!

My house is exactly 1803 square feet.

There is laminate or tile flooring covering around 1,100 of those sqft (the entire downstairs for instance, then both upstairs bathrooms).

The remaining 700 sqft which is carpeted covers the stairs, the bridge and the two master bedrooms on the second floor. That’s a shade under 40%.

Since 16 and 27 keep their doors closed all the time, that means the cats have regular access to approximately 450 sqft of carpeted floor and 900 sqft of laminate/tile. That’s carpeting at about 33% surface space.

If you count the surface covered by furniture in my room you can really drop that carpeted area down to perhaps 200 sqft – That’s 14% of available space.

And yet….



… is put to use at least once a month.


Because they ONLY barf up technicolor hairballs in the approximately 50 sqft portion of the carpet that runs from the second landing on the staircase to the foot of my bed! Last night was a special event as Amber managed to decorate the top of the stairs, dribble down two more stairs and also leave a little drop or two on the lower landing. Given the color, I’d say she was mistakenly thinking it was St Patricks Day ;-/

Sigh….yes, they target just 2-3% – and hit it every time! All that laminate that is easy to clean even if it dries up. Nope. That’s too damn easy, isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “Math with cats!

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    1. It’s a sixth sense…or perhaps an explanation as to why they need 9 lives since plotting their demise does come to mind at 3am when you hear that telltale hacking sound at the foot of your bed…


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