Passing League


Here’s 16 with his shirt back on and a close up look at his red clown hair from Thursday.

After the goofy Cardinal-Gold game, the boys had to put on their serious faces for a 2 day passing league tournament at the local college. It’s a different setting entirely because it is 7 on 7 touch football and truly is PASSING oriented. I think we ran a handful of draw plays, but that’s it. No other team ran one against us. The guys did pretty well – won 2 out of 3 on Saturday and then the first 2 on Sunday including a victory over the #2 seeded team that put them in the quarter finals. Unfortunately, they lost there. Fortunately, 16 saw a decent amount on playing time on offense and defense. Including a nice touchdown catch during the game against the #2 seed. What I loved most about the many hours spent in the hot sun this weekend? Seeing him being able to play full speed again competitively. After too long with that cranky knee, this is such a nice sight to behold:


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