The results of carrying a camera (phone) at all times



Pictures from my iPhone taken within the last week – starting with Sunday as I flew home from San Jose. Tales of that trip will begin dribbling out on my PP site over the next week or two. Meanwhile, the north San Diego coast line was sort of awesome from the air.



The coastal foothills were kind of pretty too.



Darn car windows made this one all blurry, but as I sat in traffic on the coast highway heading home from work this week, I decided to temp my friend with the beauty of the California coast. San Jose was his first trip to the state and he was declaring his love for the Golden State from day 1. I told him to start researching jobs and get his ass out here before the next Michigan winter kicks him around again – and I decided to motivate him further with pics of my part of the state. Though, not always as blurry!



Kind of impossible to get it both in focus AND straight as you can see 🙂 Even though I was sitting in traffic, there was still a challenge to balance the phone in one hand, maintain contact with the steering wheel, and also hit the shutter button.



Hey – straight and in focus!



Meanwhile, back at home, the cats have let me know they did NOT approve of me leaving them for three nights. The way they have shown their displeasure is by sticking as close to me as possible at all times. Amber is particularly unhappy right now because I took her to the vet before my trip for a much needed checkup. She was officially declared overweight tipping the scales at 21 pounds! YIPES!! She needs to get back down to her running weight of 15-16 pounds and the way that will happen is by food rationing. That means that I take away their food at night and only put in 1/3 of a cup at a time to reduce her calorie intake. Sigh – NOT HAPPY I tell you!



My self portraits may be even worse than my in car photos! This one was a toast I raised in honor of the Supreme Court striking down DOMA this week. A group of moms organized a toast to the occasion one night. I happened to have pink lemonade in my glass. I thought that was rather apropos.



THIS in car shot came out pretty cool – the only thing I couldn’t quite coordinate (because the light up ahead turned green!) was to zoom in more on my rear view mirror, but you can still see the La Jolla shoreline pretty clearly defined in it. As I’ve tweeted this week – my commute does not suck, even with traffic, but especially in these months with longer days and stunning weather.



Another horrid self portrait when I hoped to show the surrounding area more than my sweaty face, but the light was all wrong. I haven’t run in weeks. I’ve mentioned my task list previously, but as I anticipated, June has been brutal with the day job and football. That was particularly true since I took a week off work last week and traveled to San Jose. I’ve only submitted 13 posts to Blogmutt (prior months were 25-30), and other than a couple of yoga sessions and Saturday boot camps, my fitness routine has been non-existent. It’s literally been all football or NU all the time except for the 3.5 days out of town. ANYWAY – yesterday I committed to twitter that I would MAKE time to run after work today and run I did. Which felt AWESOME. It only took a few minutes for the muscle memory to kick in and even with the usual ass kicker hills (twice around), I was in a groove. Hoping to get out on the trails for a longer run Sunday.

It sure is fun having a camera at the ready at all times!

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