About that half marathon….

Back in the Spring when I took on the Football Co-Liaison task I pretty much stepped away from everything else not related to my day job or taking care of things at home. I stopped slowed down and then entirely stopped writing for Blogmutt (which I will return to in December) and I had to drop running way down on the priority list. Still, after hitting my personal best with a 13.7 mile run on March 3rd – just 6 weeks after fibroid surgery – I knew that I wanted to aim for a half marathon event sometime in the future.

I figured it would be early 2014 – for sure I would do the Rock N Roll Half in the late Spring of 2014.

I’ve not been totally sedentary – I still meet Audrey to run on Sundays here and there and those get to be 5-6 miles long. I’ve also done of a few of those on my own. I try to work in a midweek 3 mile run, but those have been REALLY rare. And I have gone to Rene’s boot camp workouts many Saturdays.

Then my company launched another Wellness Campaign that involves recording workouts. That started Oct 1. Just by joining I knew I would up my walking/running game a bit because the simple act of recording progress gets me motivated.

THEN – my co-worker sent out an email – “Hey, want to join a bunch of us to form a team to run in this event in our NU gear?” So, the new company President is trying to foster school spirit and allows us to have casual Friday when we can show off our NU attire. It’s pretty cool and I did grab some fresh shirts and sweaters to wear. In the spirit of THAT, some folks thought it would be fun to do this event. On Dec 29th. Of THIS year. The Holiday Half Marathon. Now, it’s pretty much flat or downhill all the way, AND the last 1/2 of it is basically my home course running west on the 56 trail and then ending up at Torrey Pines beach. How could I say no?

I roped Rene into running it with me since she’s the reason I even did those longer runs earlier this year.

Considering that I went from no activity to 13+ miles in 6 weeks before, I know I can do it…BUT…what the heck was I thinking? I didn’t magically inherit more time in the day!

I guess I just have to get more dedicated to creating time. Like yesterday when I logged off work at 4:40 and then hit the trails at the top of Torrey Pines Preserve across the street from the office for a quick 3.1 mile run. I was still able to pick up 17 from practice in time. So I guess I can do more of THAT 🙂 Plus there is the bonus of seeing this:

Tp Run 4 Tp Run3 TP Run2 TP Run

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