The Agony of Defeat

27-0. It was a dark and foggy night most of the game. 1st quarter was scoreless, but then it got bad. 17 will tell you he had a terrible game. Certainly the football gods were not on our side. Nor were the referees. In yet another “uncovered” situation, even through the fog the opposing coach saw it unfold all the way on the opposite side of the field and *supposedly* stepped out onto the field to call time out before the ball was snapped. No one heard a whistle until the ball was leaving the quarterback’s hand – it landed in 17’s hands and he jogged untouched into the end zone thinking he had a touchdown. Nope! Sigh….downhill from there….I’ll just post pictures now. Still don’t want to relive any of it really.

Oh, and the Football God’s are still laughing at us. Final seedings in the open division mean we play Oceanside in the first round of the playoffs this week. At Oceanside. Long time readers might remember this location as the site of this epic game –

I waxed poetic about Hollywood Sports Writers putting their story together that year. Well, guess what? The kid who scored the touchdown that beat his team that day in the rain? He’s the long snapper for the Varsity team. When we had the scrimmage at the beginning of the season with them I heard his name called, and I swear it gave me chills! Well, here we are. Back to the scene with a handfull of some of the same players on both sides.

Apparently it was a 6 year story arc – stay tuned!

Foggy scene – trying to make a block – even that didn’t go well for him in this game.


Lining up…
Yeah, he caught it…
He’s heading in the end zone, but ..
The whistle blew and it didn't count...
The whistle blew, and it didn’t count…


Adding insult to injury, there was an onside kick that took a crazy bounce right in front of him which he couldn't get
Adding insult to injury, there was an onside kick that took a crazy bounce right in front of him which he couldn’t get.
At least he did tackle the guy.
At least he did tackle the guy.






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