Oh, the heartbreak!

So..yeah…the team lost 24-21 to the other team that came into the week undefeated in the league. Therefore, even though we have an automatic playoff berth, there was a League Title on the line. And this one went down to the very last play. Which means it was exciting, and no one left early and we were on our feet a lot and screaming encouragement like crazy, but…as well as the team played in the 1st half, they really made too many mistakes in the 2nd half against a team with enough talent to take advantage.

Editing this post to give MASSIVE thanks and kudos to our two game day photographers this year – MOST of the photos I’ve posted (particularly the close up shots and the ones of the family from Senior Night) were taken by our main volunteer photographer, Anna Scippione. Her entire varsity team set of albums are HERE
In addition, we periodically had another photographer who is responsible for the really fantastic serious of photos depicting #18’s blocking skills. John Mitchell is the grandfather of the quarterback (and father in law to my parent liaison partner in crime…err…beer consumption..err….volunteering! Yes, that’s what we do!) He graciously lets me request shots of players to make my program photo selections easier and just like Anna has always shared all of his photographs with us readily. I’ve loved having the perspective of two different angles and eyes for the game. John’s albums are HERE.

The highlight though, was a first half run featuring a couple of pretty spectacular blocks by #18. Just after the play, the parent who runs the team twitter account post this:


#18 has already dispatched with #7 (could be his legs still on the ground there)..so now he turns to see who else he can pick off...
#18 has already dispatched with #7 (tumbling in the background behind him)..so now he turns to see who else he can pick off so that #9 can keep advancing..
He sets his sights on #35 – who is a wee bit larger than him….
Sets himself at just the right angle to create mayhem….
Looks like he is going to get run over, but never underestimate the ability of the smaller guy to upend the larger one…
Sorry #35, but you wont be making the tackle on this play, you are otherwise engaged..
…and #9 continues on untouched by either #7 or #35 – two defenders in one play. Yup, that’s a #decleater!
Coming into the stadium for the final time at home.
Early celebration after a 1st half score by #28.
The helmet is looking a little more used….
Unfortunately, #7 was a formidable foe and occasionally broke away to make a tackle – and an interception for a td..dangit!
Yeah..I told you the last quarter was a nail biter!!

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