What have you done that you never thought you would?

If you had told the 2010 version of me, that in three short years my shoe money would all be spent on this collection:



Or that I would happily leave the house wearing this combination:



Or that my reaction to finding out I needed to leave work early today in order to take 17 in to the dentist to pick up his fitted rugby mouth guard was “YES! I have an excuse to leave early enough to sneak in a 5 mile run before it is pitch dark!”

On a day when it was 57 degrees as I hit the pavement?

Yeah – I am pretty sure that 2010 me would have wanted to test you for hallucinating drug ingestion. 2010 me would have used the “found” time after getting home from the dentist at 4:15 to take a nap.

2013 me has lost her marbles :>

What are you doing now that you NEVER in a MILLION YEARS thought you would be doing?

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