2014 Race Plans

We interrupt this writing hiatus* to post the races that I’ve settled on for this year. The first one is coming up in a few weeks and was on my radar last year because it’s totally local, largely flat and involves tons of music:

Run 10_20I’ve been back out on the trails on Sundays the last two weeks running 5.6 and then 6.6 miles respectively, and I know that the 10 mile distance wont be a problem at all. This next one is a series of progressively longer trail runs capping off with a 1/2 marathon at the end:

Dirt Devil RacingI’ll also aim to do the 2nd annual Holiday Half Marathon to cap off the year. I’m debating also adding in the Hot Chocolate 5k just because it is around Petco Park downtown in March and comes with a truly awesome fleece pullover (yes, you can temp me with cool giveaways!)

* The hiatus has been unintentional. Just nothing much to write about which can be a good thing since it means life is generally peaceful and boring. Which it has been. Though jury duty was almost a Thing. When I get done with my taxes I might post about that 🙂


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