New Office Space – for now





Yes, it does feel like we are up the Torrey Pines with the birds 🙂 In fact, there was an Oregon Junco sitting on the branch just outside my window on Monday morning just singing away. I might need to keep a checklist of birds spotted from my desk while we are here!

It’s cramped though – I lost all my floor space towards my back there. I’ve ordered a smaller printer stand that will be delivered soon and then I wont feel so jammed in. I do like the big window and that it has a nice ledge where I can put up all my personal photos & fun stuff. The morning sun comes in through that window above my monitors. It’s actually a glass door that leads out onto a balcony. Of course, all four (four?) of those doors in this office are now blocked off by cubicles so we have no direct access outside. This was an executive corner office for years. Then it was vacant for another span of years and now with the construction being done in the center of the building, all offices on the edges have been redesigned to hold cubicles. Miraculously only one person has shifted back down to the basement which is still completely empty from when we left in September.

Rumor has it that this will revert back to an executive office when the renovations are completed which is why I say this is only a 6-9 month touch down spot again. Things change so rapidly though – who knows? What I do know is that I am hyper driven now to get this department paperless. It’s one thing to find adequate space for 4 people, but it is quite another challenge to also find space for four large file cabinets plus 2 printers and a fax. I’ve challenged my group to ditch the file cabinets before the end of the year.

As I expected, I completely ignored the first recommended topic of blog post ideas for the Merry Month of May. Today’s is “Host a guest blog”. But, as I may have mentioned a few times and have boldly highlighted in my contact page – I don’t do that.


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