My Purr Babies

I’m stealing from the suggested topic this time since it is so easy – and easy is always best for a Monday 🙂

So here are my pets:


Amber the large boned, long haired, highly vocal (I swear she’s had entire back and forth conversations with Alex who, naturally, loves to tease her) part Maine Coon who likes people well enough as long as you pet her and is otherwise laid back and mostly concerned with letting the world know that I am HER mama 🙂


Chip the also not small short haired boy who sheds walking across the room who is either in your face demanding love or scrambling away from those scary people. Let’s face it – Chip thinks the whole world is scary. He’s as neurotic as they come and alternately loves Amber, chases her, or thinks she’s possessed by the devil (for at least a week after she comes back from the vet). He patrols the house, chews on the edges of trash bags, and only really relaxes when he curls up in his cat bed up in my room in the late mornings.


They are both 7 years old and hopefully even with a heart murmur in Chip, they will be around for at least 7 more 🙂

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