I Don’t Care What I’ve Been Told….

(I don’t care what I’ve been told)

Some damn snakes are really bold

(Some damn snakes are really bold)

Keep your eyes trained on the ground

(Keep your eyes trained on the ground)

Because they do not make a sound

(Because they do not make a sound)


One, Two


Three, Four

Shadow, Stick, or Snake?


(apologies to Marines everywhere for this weak adaptation, but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay alert, stay alive!)

RUN May4


After two instances of the Shadow, Stick or Snake game coming up SNAKE, I suddenly understood why the Marines might be singing when they run. Yes, the cadence helps keep you going, but as a bonus, the level of noise would make snakes scatter a little more quickly. As opposed to simply being stretched out across the full length of the trail, soaking up the sun in a relaxed pose, with no intention of moving at all causing a lone runner to come to a complete and rather abrupt halt as her brain registers “SNAKE!” and her iphone blurts out “pausing workout.”. Damn straight I’m pausing my workout Nike+! Of course, neither snake felt like having their photo taken so they did meander off after a moment.

That was anything BUT a lazy Sunday run 🙂


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