Days of Our Facebook Lives



Did you ever watch daytime soap operas? Those tales of unusually large, wealthy, extended families set in small towns where somehow everyone knew each other yet only found out at just the right time that they were also related in some dramatic fashion. It was somehow supposed to be a reflection of something as simplistic as “The Days of Our Lives” as if housewives (the target audience of course) could somehow relate these outlandish tales as being reflective of *their* own lives. Or, more specifically, a fantasy version to distract them from their more mundane reality.

At any rate – who needs that anymore? We have Facebook! I would imagine that anyone there who has amassed at least 100 friends can pop on at any time of the day and find themselves reading updates that span the full spectrum of what is, truly, the emotional ups and downs of life. And if you throw in following the updates of a handful of entertaining pages of public figures or oddball media sites, you can guarantee some giggles will be found and downright chin dropping updates will also pass by.

For instance, here’s some ups and downs and everyday status reports from my own feed with all names withheld of course, just within the last 72 hours:

  • A photo album of professionally done family portraits with a newborn (aww)
  • An Instagram photo marking the 5 month birthday of a premie baby (double awww)
  • Photos celebrating the 11th birthday of an adopted child (triple awww)
  • “Car repossessed. This is rock bottom folks. #Fail.” (oh no!)
  • “We said goodbye to our nephew today. He left this earth surrounded by those who loved him.” (much sadness)
  • “Am I wrong to hope that soccer is rained out today?” (life does go on)
  • “Rolling Bachelor Party Headed for Kentucky Derby Finds Dead Body in RV” (Deadspin of course – WTF?!)
  • A picture of an adorable cat/dog. (Awww again)
  • A picture of a lovely mixed beverage with an umbrella in it and a smiling couple with the beach in the background. “Vacation!” (feeling jealous)
  • “Today is my one year anniversary with my live in boyfriend! Hubby packed the car so we could go off and celebrate! My life is so weird!” (hey, whatever floats your boat for all of you, but yeah, that did strike me as rather unusual!)
  • “College update – he chose Northeastern!” (lots of proud parent moments go by each day)
  • “Told the kids about the split today. It was as hard as we thought, but also a tremendous relief.” (oof)
  • “Will potty training EVER happen?!!” (see the update directly above – it does eventually!)
  • “I’ve only been gluten free for a week, but I’m already really annoying!” (Hah!)

It’s all there – births, deaths, love in many forms, heartache, tragedy, accomplishments, humor, and the simple things that keep us smiling & laughing through the mess.

Also – it inspires blog topics when you are committing to daily posts and need anything you can get!

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