Holiday Lights 2014

I had my own version of Christmas morning on the day I went into the garage to get out the boxes and start decorating outside: A whole shelf of new light displays that I totally forgot about buying at a year end sale last season!! The bells on either side of the garage and the bow displays on the side wall are from those. I also added some more twinkling LED sets to the front palm trees and another couple of sets of net lights. Otherwise it’s all pretty much the same though it seems like I cover more of the hillside each year 🙂  The photos are a mixture of inside and out. No time for captions – just enjoy the blend of old school and newfangled lights. Oh, and the first official card of the year on the mantle:2014-12-06 11.40.08 2014-11-29 19.52.21 2014-11-29 19.52.33 2014-12-03 21.50.15 2014-12-05 17.06.39 2014-12-05 17.07.07 2014-12-05 17.07.24 2014-12-05 17.07.48 2014-12-05 17.08.00 2014-12-05 17.08.25 2014-12-05 17.09.01 2014-12-05 17.09.13 2014-12-05 17.09.26 2014-12-05 17.09.41 2014-12-05 17.09.55 2014-12-05 17.10.32 2014-12-05 17.11.17 2014-12-05 17.11.33 2014-12-05 17.11.52 2014-12-05 17.12.42 2014-12-05 17.12.52

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