Videos! Vlogs? Yikes!

Hello friends!  So, sometime in the past year of growth and stuff I have managed to:

  • Upgrade my computer and phone so that video recording quality is pretty darn good
  • No longer be freaked out at the sight of myself ON video.

What that means for you is: Hey look – videos!

I got the idea to document my Project Athena training process and then the actual walk itself. Does that mean that I am considering getting a selfie stick? Perhaps….. 🙂

In the meantime – here are videos #1 and two. The best way to comment is to donate 🙂 Actually, I am considering some sort of challenge/reward for donations. Like, if you donate and then ask me to sing, or dance, or something (g-rated please) I will commit to that on the next video installment. For sure I will read your name off and probably mention how I know you like I do in this first one:

Installment #2 was recorded on Sunday after my training walk and involves a little bit of whining about being (cough) older than I may have been the last time I did one of these events. There’s also some musings on life just because.

Donation link below:

Project Athena Harbor to Harbor

Thank you!

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