Pure Energy

One of many new things I have jumped into in the last couple of years is exploring spirituality.

I should add “again” to that sentence.

Back in high school I loved walking up to the local book store and planting myself on the floor of the Occult and Metaphysical section. I devoured books on astrology, numerology, kinesiology, and any other sort of “ology” you can think of.

Now, this didn’t translate to me being “religious” per se. I had grown up immersed into Self Realization Fellowship so my mind was totally accepting and open to concepts like reincarnation and metaphysical experiences, but I had walked away from any commitment to learning the teachings of kriya yoga back then because being in ONE church just didn’t….and still doesn’t resonate with me.

In fact, my rebound was totally AWAY from any belief system for quite a while.

Let’s face it, my early life got kinda full super quickly what with the whole having a child at 20 and all that!

But I never really stopped being open and curious and frankly deeply drawn into and fascinated by the notion that there is more to life than just…us.

One of the current voices in spiritual teaching who I was first drawn to was Matt Kahn. He’s a self described intuitive healer – I love this paragraph from his website:

“Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable physical and emotional healings, and have awakened to their true nature through Matt’s profound, loving, and precisely-timed often funny teachings, and transmission of timeless sacred heart wisdom.”

He is, in fact, super fucking funny! And yes, I cursed…he does too. One of my favorite moments was the first time I went to see him here locally and he was explaining a kind of complicated concept and someone asked “Well, what you call that?” and he said “Well…it’s rooted in a very ancient scriptural teaching in a very old world language…it’s called a Clusterfuck!” omg we laughed for so long!

Anyway, the point is…he was here again this past weekend for both a Friday night and all day Saturday event. He basically sits there and talks. Unscripted. For hours. And you know what we do?

We sit silently.

And listen.

IMG_3353 (2)

It’s amazing really to be sitting in one place doing just ONE thing, with hundreds of other people in complete silence. I mean, hardly anyone even coughed! How rare is that?

About a month or so ago, I noticed while in a meditation at a Spirit Spa day that my body was vibrating. Buzzing really. And it felt super good…and peaceful.

I had been wondering recently ho exactly you describe bliss…and I’ve decided that’s it. That combination of being in a high vibration that feels like love, joy, harmony and peace all rolled into one.

When you are SO CONNECTED to the power of the universe and ALL of it’s potential energies and you are buzzing.


And I was in that state every minute around Matt and Julie. At the end of the retreat I went up just to thank Matt and hug him. It was a super brief encounter. 2 minutes maybe, but I got to look in his, choke back some spontaneously arising tears and emotion and thank him and exchange his profound “I love yous”. As I walked away, I could feel this total lightness inside me. My legs were not all there!

It was exactly like my less than a minute moment with Sai Maa. As I walked up to her during the Darshan event she had – in the same room actually at the Seaside Spiritual Center – we locked eyes, I felt this WAVE of pure love energy hit me but I held her gaze and she whispered “I love you” and I returned the love and then walked away with wobbly legs.

So fascinating.

So I’ve made it a priority in my life to seek out people, places and experiences that raise my vibration levels. It’s been interesting just tuning in so deeply to my body to feel those changes. But, they are there.

I’m feeling it just writing about it again.





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