Friday..err..early Sat am Happy Story

If there was a Happy Story diary tonight on DailyKos, I missed it. It’s been a tradition though that I come home from a Friday night concert and share my happy story about it in there. Then I remembered “hey, I have a blog!”
Lenny Kravtiz opened for Aerosmith tonight. DS1 and Jacqueline joined me for the concert. DS1 and I have been to see Aerosmith every time they’ve come to town since he was 16. It’s a tradition for us now. Tonight though was one of the best! It was at the Sports Arena which I prefer. Packed. Stage came up into the crowd and we were two rows up at the back end. Lenny Kravitz apparently walked on the floor right in front of our seats. Of course, Jacqueline and I were not there! Arrgh! Aerosmith stayed up on the stage (bummer) but they were still closer to us than we have ever seen and the video screen was HUGE and high def. Jax had never seen them and I thought she was going to scream herself unconcious! Steven Tyler is just hands down the best front man at a live show EVER. So my ears are ringing and my neck hurts a bit from shaking my head too much, but I am buzzed on the energy and the music. Oh yeah, and also from the skunkweed that the guy just to our right was smoking! That was some gooood shit man.

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