What a drag it is getting (c)old

Unfortunately, mother’s little helper wouldn’t help with this problem. Or, maybe it would since I wouldn’t care? 🙂

Have any other ladies out their experienced this? Not just getting more and more sensitive to cold, but getting it in one specific area? Making you so cold that you feel like that guy up there all the time? Like there is some sort of internal shiver mechanism constantly ready to go on? I’m not talking about feet and hands. Cold feet is a given with women I think! Circulation to the extremities is always lacking and particularly hightened when it is cold. Hence my need to always sleep with socks on, and sometimes even with gloves (oh baby, sexy sexy!)

No, I am talking about this:

Not from the – uh oh, I would totally be guilty of a muffin top if I wore that perspective – when I see that, my thoughts always go to “brrrrrrrrrr….she must be FREEEZING!”

Because somewhere along the way, that rather charming area of the body displayed there became popsicle central on me. if it dips anywhere below 70, I swear my midriff drops into the low 40s! Or, that’s how it interprets the temperature anyway! I mean, if I am being honest, I *could* pull off that look up there without provding the world with a muffin top. I’ve been blessed with no excess flab there (the butt got it ALL which would make this outfit look ridiculous for an entirely different reason!!) and yet I’d never be caught dead like that. Well, maybe that’s wrong. I would be caught dead, because I would have frozen to death the moment I stepped outside 🙂

The point being – WHY is my stomach so sensitive to cold? Why does it drive my entire body temp? Seriously, I not only need to keep it covered, I also need to keep it *properly covered* as in, say I wear a loose blouse over some dress slacks – disasater! Why? Because there is nothing *snugly* keeping that area covered and warm. I’ll get these cold shivers that originate somewhere deep inside..well..midriff deep anyway..that defy logic!

Suddenly I understand why camisoles exist and I thank the fashion gods for that most blessed of inventions: the camisole bra:

I know it’s winter when I need to break out the cami-bras every day. When I need to wear a snug fitting camisole to tuck into my pajama pants at night to keep properly covered.

Anyone else have an internal icebox lurking behind their belly button?

4 thoughts on “What a drag it is getting (c)old

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  1. Obviously, you need a healthy muffin top to solve your thermostat issues. I can’t say that I suffer the same problem with just the midriff area…I get cold all over with the slightest drop in temp. Teeth chattering, shivering fool I am.


  2. Menopause took care of most of my brrrrr cold body parts…of course, it was mostly my feet, my hands and my nose, but now I worry more about the indoor furnace.


  3. I agree……the problem is obviously that you don’t have enough padding. I tend to be very cold-blooded but have never noticed a cold midriff!


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