Are our lives too boring for blogging?

This topic inspired by Robin, who wonders if her life is too boring for blogging. to which I replied: “Honey, all our lives are too boring for blogging!”

And yet we plug away at it, and, shockingly, people regularly stop by to read – why, I wonder? Well, as to the reading part, I suspect that many of us have a tiny Mrs Kravitz in our souls:

For whatever reason, everyone elses lives fascinate us. Not just people we already know somehow, but also utter strangers who we have never met in real life and who we simply ‘know’ because we stumbled on their blog some way or the other and could relate to them so we keep dropping in. After a few visits (and perhaps a stroll through their archives) we feel like we are old friends and we add each other to our Readers and there you go! A permanent voyeur is trapped!

And really, Robin is right, if we just basically described what any of us do from day to day, it surely wouldn’t be selling any movie or tv show scripts in Hollywood. As bloggers, we get to enhance the details with pictures & self deprecating humor and our own individual tweak on life’s daily drudgery.Β  I know what first drew me to Robin’s place were her photos, particularly watching the season’s pass through the photos of the pond on her property. It’s different,Β  new and therefore interesting. It’s a lovely diversion from my own daily grind. Just as (I hope), my place is a diversion for others.

As far as why we *write* about what we all inevitably refer to as our boring lives? Well, I like to think that it keeps us more engaged, right? I mean, you know you stop some days after something happens and think “I have to blog about that!” Most of my topics are observations and musings based on something that happened in my life that made me giggle or got my brain buzzing. Like reading Robin’s post this morning πŸ™‚

So hey, you know the old sayings about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence and one mans’ trash being another mans’ treasure? Well, let’s just say that one blogger’s too boring life is another blogger’s reason to peer through a window πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Are our lives too boring for blogging?

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  1. You have me giggling at the thought of a tiny Mrs. Kravitz living in my soul. That picture made the visualization a hoot!

    Very nice post. You’re right. The differences in our lives, the things that make them new to us, are what make blogging interesting.

    And yep, your place is a nice diversion for me. I enjoy your musings, your thoughts on things as diverse as presidential politics and American Idol, your hikes/photos around Torrey Pines, and everything in between (cats, Christmas decorations, etc.). Your blog is a cornucopia of diversions and treasures. πŸ™‚


  2. I agree with you. We all put a twist into the daily, boring life. Our own, individual twist to things and yes, it is often boring like my post today about a burst pipe. Pretty boring but maybe someone who think they are having a miserable winter will see that and think how lucky they are not to have a burst pipe and frozen water all over the place!


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