Friday brain dump

Roller Mouse + document holder

Following up on that ergonomic assessment I had done at work a couple of months ago, I finally remembered to take a picture of the new Roller Mouse.  That contraption at the bottom of the photo is it – the top part is a rolling bar that glides left and ride and moves the mouse pointer. Then there is a scroll button on the center along with your typical left and right mouse buttons. There are also individual buttons just for the copy & paste functions – it’s really cool!! Now everything happens dead center in front of me – not reaching one way or the other. The document holder keeps paperwork at just the right level. You can *kind* of see to the right that there is a second monitor. That’s the laptop screen, the larger monitor connected to the docking station is just behind the document holder. So now everything is within easy reach and view and I’ve got the side by side thing going on so I can look at two different programs/files at once. Wowza. How did I work without this setup before? 😉


This has been a LONG week because I’ve had all sorts of extra driving chores to do every day – except today! Yay! I know it’s weird, but I really hate taking a traditional out of the office lunch and driving somewhere. I’m much more productive if I can just eat at my desk, or maybe up in the cafe. I find it so hard to reset my focus if I have to go out! Once in awhile is fine, but 4 out of 5 days frazzles me too much.


I remembered my camera today because I wanted to take photos of the pretty, pre-storm coastline & post them in here. And then forgot the chord so I cannot load the pictures until I get back home. Sigh – always just a step away from brilliance!


SportsBoy is on week #2 of wrestling. He loves it. Which is awesome, but may I ask why there have to be special shoe$ for *every* sport? What happened to the days of your sneakers being all-around, do anything in them shoes for kids? I kind of halfheartedly told him “Merry Christmas” when we walked out of the store with them last weekend. In fact, I think I will wrap his gift in a shoebox just to throw him off! I like to do semi-sneaky stuff like that. Last year I hid Guitar Hero under some blankets so that he literally sat on the darn thing on Christmas morning while we were unwrapping gifts. The year before that I led him to believe that his mp3 player wouldn’t be there on time…and there it was way in the back. Yep, devious Santa traditions at our house. MusicMan wants a new cable box – an HD-DVR – which I will wrap and put under the tree yep yep. Even though he knows I’m getting it and that all I have to do is exchange his old  one down at the cable company offices. But hey, it’s a present and it’s going under the tree!!!

Do you have any sneaky/silly traditions?


"Watcha doin' up there?"

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  1. I hear ya on the shoes, and its even worse with a hyper-sensitve kid. We bought Anna the recommended $75 New Balance shoes for volleyball—-and she refuses to wear them! She ended up wearing the same $25 pair of tennis shoes she wore to school. So now we have these bright, white $75 “special” shoes that she won’t put on her feet. I’m hoping either Kim or Jenny can use them, or I’ll list them on ebay.


  2. When my kids were little, it was so difficult to do my shopping for them because they were with me round the clock. They had several cousins near their ages so I would take the kids shopping and ask their opinions about things and tell them it was for one of their cousins. They would let me know exactly what to get. They didn’t know that they were actually picking out their own gifts! It worked for quite a few years!


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