Day Five – comedy of errors

This is the good news – the painting is done and I am very happy with the color.

This is the bad news. Thinset. The stuff used to attach the tile to the cement. It did not come up with the tile. Therefore we have fallen behind. First we called one equipment rental place and they suggested a particular machine which we had delivered on Friday.

See that groove in the thinset all they the way through and into the cement? That’s what tool #1 did. Wrong tool! Return that on Saturday am and do some more research. Meanwhile, I had called on Friday to hold onto the dumpster until Tuesday since we had this delay. We go to Starbucks for maybe an hour for breakfast before the football game and come to an empty driveway!! Call Edco and get them to bring that dumpster back!! Thankfully, they do – after they dumped it! So now I have an empty one again for three more days. Yay!

This is what everything in my kitchen looks like. A fine dust covers everything. Achoo!
The ends result today is that Home Depot had the proper tool – an electric chipper/hammer with a flat edged scraper attachment. Nick started at 7:00pm and stopped at 10:00pm. About 2/3 of the thiset is up. He has a couple of hours before work in the morning and will hopefully finish in that time. I have been going behing him sweeping and dumping. This is hellishly hard work! Nick’s arms are just dead. It is LOUDER than the air compresser and tile removal process was! That is why we stopped – my neighbors woulda killed me. Anyhoo – I have hopes that we can transition to floor LAYING tomorrow. I tell ya – doing it yourself is a PITA, but I take a lot of satisfaction in it. I hope Nick does too!
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  1. When we had the “flood incident of 2004” we had to have the tiled bathroom pulled out and replaced. It was loud, dusty and dirty. I know this is a huge undertaking for you guys since our tiny bathroom took 3-4 guys all day to demolish.

    Keep up the great work! Paint looks nice, too!


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