Day Six morning update

Not a flattering picture of Nick, but this is our reality right now. Notice the dust orbs. I have a feeling that I will be blowing this stuff out of my nose for a week (sorry for that image!) We do wear masks as we sweep up the debris, but that can only do so much. Plus, I am living in the house. At least Nick goes to his gf’s house at night. His lungs are probably much weaker than mine with his allergies and cigarette smoking (grumble). Anyway though, I am so proud of him! He worked so damn hard last night and this morning to get as much of this crap up as he could. It’s 10:30am and the only part left to scrape is the center of the kitchen.

This is the magic scraping tool. It is so freaking heavy! I tried to use it just now to clean up some of the spots and could not deal with it.
This is what we get fro trying to save money and do it ourselves eh? OTOH, I really really think that I am going to love my new floors more than someone who just plunked down money and had someone else do it. Kind of like the paint on the walls. I still have distinct memories of what was going on around me as I painted certain rooms. In fact, just as I am sequesterd in my room today watching football, I remember watching playoff games while I painted my living room. I remember talking on the phone with Anne while we watched the Eagles in a playoff game as I prepped the walls of the stairway bridge for paint. I remember painting my bedroom the following spring as I watched the Padres play in Arizona. Heehee – I even remember getting up one morning and basically painting my bathroom with not much on before I showered to go to work! I remember sitting in my freshly painting dining room – the first one done – and looking into my kitchen through to the stairway and getting a vision of the different colors I wanted to see – and then making it happen.
I’ve had these floors in my mind’s eye ever since I finished painting. It’s been hard, but I know it will happen and I know it will be worth it.
That said – I will never ever ever buy a house with tile floors in it ever again!!!!!! If I do – just shoot me, ok?
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