Day six Part Two

Finally ready for floor laying – approx 3:30pm

First layer down. Floor liner with a small amount of sound absorbtion padding. Well insulated against moisture. The price difference between the thickest liner for premium sound absorbtion – same moisture protection, was so different that I went with this mid-grade selection. This was around 6:00pm.

Finally! The actual floor! It’s like a puzzle really, only in this case you put together the main section first and then finish with the border (trim). 7:00pm.

Omigosh, look how gorgeous! After all the crap of the last few days, this is why we did it. Oh, and also to save about $3000 :-> This was around 8:30pm as it got too dark to continue. They are back at it again this morning and will work all day. Good chance it will be nearly completed by the time I get home tonight after picking up Alex from Swedish class which should be around 7:00pm. I did forget to take one picture this morning – took one last night and it’s too dark to post, but I am at the moment officially White Trash – my refrigerator is just outside my front door. Still plugged in with an extension chord, but outside. Between that and the ugly-assed dumpster in my driveway…well, I cannot deny the way it looks! Thankfully I live in the most laid-back area of otherwise snooty Carmel Valley so my neighbors couldn’t care less. Posted by Picasa

2 thoughts on “Day six Part Two

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  1. Never mind the dumpster! You’re not living in the damn thing.

    Those floors are bee-yoo-tee-ful! Bravo, bravo to Nick for all his hard work. I’m very proud of him. Maybe this will be his calling??


  2. Wow!! That’s quite some floor ya got there Madam! Congrats to you and your crew. Soon your home will be back to normal and you can lounge on your new floor all winter like a queen! I love that your fridge is outside. I had one like that for years!! hahaha but then again, I was living with a bunch of hippies and they didn’t care either.


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