Day Seven tease & ramble

Sorry – no pics! I decided to wait now until it is totally done. Plus, with the little man home I am really pressed for time during the daylight. All I can say is WOW. At one point last night I just stood in the middle of the living room in my bare feet and gazed at the the reality that was once just a dream. It looks amazing against every wall color. Especially the red! Nick’s bedroom is just as gorgeous as I imagined with the new green walls. I will be cleaning up dust for months I know. I’ve done the first pass over the kitchen and got it clean enough to cook last night. Furniture should come back in tonight. I so want to take a week off work just to play in the house!!! The fall colors can come out! There is some gorgeous new stuff at Vons that I want to buy but should not, but probably will anyway 😉 I can’t take any time though – Maine is coming up, and then the 3-Day so I have to somehow get the house in shape while also getting ME in shape. I have not walked in two weeks. Horrible, but it’s not like I am sedentary. I’ll be fine. I’ve actually already trained more this year than I did three years ago and I made it through that one quite well. Only $375 to go!! Gotta bug a couple of friends who promised from the start.

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