Desert Beauty

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Nothing quite like the desert foothills at sunrise. I forgot how much I love it out there. Growing up, my parents had a weekend house in nearby Desert Hot Springs. So Palm Springs and Palm Desert along with DHS were regular haunts. Of course, as with all places in So Cal, these have just exploded with development. They are no longer strictly retirement communities. More recently I’ve been out here with A and his baseball team for tournaments in the area. Lots of family friendly activities out here now. Of course, we never left the JW 🙂

Tomorrow am it is on to Oxnard where I will help M and his brother with their latest project to earn extra money. I figured that is a better option than sitting at home alone and undecorating! Plus, I have spent a lot of time nagging M about all his projects – mostly because they take time away from me. But I need to stop doing that. I want my partner to support me in the things I choose to do, and I cannot really expect that if I don’t do the same. Heh – guess it’s the old saying: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em!

Anyway, internet access may be spotty so nobody freak out if I am offline until the 1st, ok?

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  1. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the desert. It is alien terrain to me. Happy New Year to you and M and the boys. Good mind-set on helping M with the projects. You’ll see how productive it will be.


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